BriAnne Mulligan - Town Clerk

Mom. Volunteer. Quaker Springs Resident.

I believe that community is built on connections. I seek to make links between community groups, the local businesses, and the residents of the Town of Saratoga. 

I believe that our children are our future and investing in them is investing in the future promise of the Town of Saratoga. Providing resources for our youth to learn and grow will serve to make our streets safer and our future brighter.

I believe that green places and community spaces are the pots in which our differences can melt…and help build a close, friendly hometown for us all. While we may not all agree on everything, we all agree that Saratoga is our home, and that we would like to be proud of our town. I promise to work for each community member to make our Saratoga run smoothly and efficiently. 

I am committed to transparent, effective communication and I will lead the administrative services of the Town of Saratoga with an aim to make all of our residents feel welcome.

I also commit to ensure service to our constituents is timely and efficient and as hassle-free as possible.

I look forward to serving my fellow neighbors in the Town of Saratoga as your Town Clerk and ask for your Vote on election day, November 7, 2023

My Current Town & Village Volunteer Work: