Matt Fueston - Town Board

For our community, for our Town.

I spent my childhood growing up in the Town of Saratoga and always wanted to raise my family here. It is an excellent balance between rural living and small-town charm, and its residents are the type of kind-hearted folk one can only dream to have for neighbors.

My involvement in the Boy Scouts as a youth, and my journey to earning the rank of Eagle Scout has instilled in me a strong commitment to helping others. From volunteering at local horse shows and soup kitchens in school to my decision to pursue Civil Engineering as a profession, I believe that service to others is one of the most impactful ways to embody the American spirit.

I believe that Freedom is the foundation of our community; it is part of our historic past and should remain as the primary influence in our journey towards a brighter future. Our society exists only because we as a community respect each other’s rights and freedoms. I fully commit to protecting and strengthening the freedoms of all our residents.

Effective governance is a shared expectation by all residents. In furtherance of that idea, I strongly commit to transparent communication and ethically based leadership to serve the residents of the Town of Saratoga.

The respect for and the conscious preservation of our natural resources and green spaces is pivotal to not only the character of the Town of Saratoga but the environmental health of the community at large.

The residents benefit directly and substantially from clean air, clean water, and the presence of healthy flora and fauna throughout the community. I strongly support environmentally-conscious development practices that add to the character of the Town.

I believe that my professional background, proven leadership experience, and strong commitment to serving others will greatly benefit the residents of the Town of Saratoga. I respectfully and humbly ask for your support and vote for Town Board on Tuesday, November 7 th , 2023.