John Luther - Town Board

For our villages, with a focus on the future.

I live in the Village of Victory and have lived in the Town of Saratoga for over 20 years, building deep connections here and a genuine love for our community. 

My kids were born here and attended Schuylerville schools. Over the years, I've been offered opportunities to relocate to many other “hometowns,” but have chosen to stay in Saratoga. This dedication to our town is the driving force behind my decision to run for Town Board.

My campaign is centered on the idea that the villages of Schuylerville and Victory, the heart and soul of our town, have been overlooked. I believe that these areas deserve more financial investment, technical innovation, and support for local businesses. I'm driven by a passion to ensure that every corner of our town thrives and no area is left behind.

I will also bring my decades of experience as an executive at technology companies like Google, JWP, and Nuvalence to modernize our digital infrastructure and ensure that our citizens can compete and succeed in the global economy.

With my ties to our community, leadership skills, and experience in the tech industry, I will bring a fresh, solutions-focused perspective to the Town Board. Together, let's strengthen our community from its core, starting with our villages. I seek to serve you, my neighbors, on the Town Board and humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.