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Fix Our Town Town Finances

We should get our money's worth for the taxes that we pay

A 2022 audit by the New York State Comptroller found that the Town government "did not adopt realistic budgets or effectively manage fund balances," resulting in excessive, unproductive surplus funds

The Town has wasted tens of thousands of dollars fighting (and losing) lawsuits brought by Town citizens due to reckless overdevelopment

Invest in Our Villages

Stop wasting resources on the the failed Route 29 corridor development plan, which has create unwanted noise and traffic for residents

Start investing in Schuylerville & Victory to grow our local economy, create jobs, and diversify the tax base to reduce residential property taxes

Partner with New York State Democrats to secure NY Forward funding for critical infrastructure opportunities:

Community Center at Fort Hardy Park

Ferry Street Events Barn

Restoration of Olde Canalway

Downtown Building Facade Restoration and Refurbishment

Protect Our Beautiful Lake

Protect against overdevelopment and storm water runoff, enforce stringent erosion control practices and permitting requirements, save the few remaining patches of forest and erosion prevention

Protect our property values by partnering with neighboring towns to preserve the natural lands on the lake's coast and within the watershed