Town of Saratoga Democrats
Always Moving Forward

Our Mission

To build a government for our Town that is truly Transparent, Responsive, Accountable, and Accessible for all of our Town Citizens. We will invigorate our Saratoga Township via a vibrant, upbeat, Town government with a shared desire to generate new ideas and chart a pathway for a sustainable, safe, and enriching future for all.


Saratoga Situation: Today We Have A "Caretaker" Govenment

  • No Growth—Flat Population. Flat Economy. Lagging Far Behind Our Neighbors.

  • No Vision—We Are Standing Still.

  • No Listening—Town Government Is Insulated. Town is not responsive. Residents are suing.

  • No Transparency—Secrets, “Executive Sessions”, Back-Room Deals

  • No Community—We have no “Center of Gravity”

Our Idea: A Visionary, Energized, & Transparent Government

  1. Stimulate Robust Economic Development In Schuylerville & Victory. Build and Market Unique Strengths, Attractions, and Celebrations

  2. Protect Saratoga’s Natural Beauty and Its Resident's Quality of Life.

  3. Invest in our kids by creating Internship & Summer Recreation Programs

  4. Make our Local Government Transparent and Responsive to Resident's Needs

  5. Leverage our Business Expertise to Deliver Effective Government

Please Refer To Our "Platform" Page For Our Detailed Ideas & Actions


VOTE ROW A, The Saratoga Democratic Team
on November 2, 2021.

Paul Murphy (Murph)

Candidate for Town Supervisor
Hello…I grew up in Burnt Hills, NY and am a proud BH-BL Spartan graduate. I went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College. My wife Jan and I have lived in the Town of Saratoga for 18 years and are the parents of two grown children. I have enjoyed a career as a Senior Executive in the consumables industry where I developed my leadership and business management skills. My business expertise is in Strategic Planning, Marketing and Revenue Growth. I look forward to leveraging my experience to invigorate our Town government and I will work to bring transparency, accountability, and a vision for the future for The Town of Saratoga that benefits ALL of our Citizens. for more information ->
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Maxine Lautenberg

Candidate for Town Council
Maxine Lindig Lautenberg has been a resident of Saratoga Township for 21 years. Her dad was a County Agricultural Extension Agent in rural Texas which brought her to state and national level 4-H competitions, but her heart took her to NYC after receiving a BFA from Texas Christian University. She understands the challenges of compromise between rural life and urban sprawl and is deeply committed to transparency and inclusivity which she has brought to her past 20 years of volunteer service. She is married to Joel Lautenberg and has 3 grown children.
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Russell Kirkwood

Candidate for Town Council
Transparency & Effectiveness in Government
Russell Kirkwood is a software developer who has lived happily in the Town of Saratoga since 2002 with his wife, Lauren, and their 2 sons, Simon and Jack. His dedication to community has led him to be a long-time volunteer both at the Stillwater Community Center and the Stillwater Food Pantry. He looks forward to serving the Town of Saratoga community using his business skills, his belief of transparency & effectiveness in government along with kindness and compassion for all. for more information ->
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Bryan Drew

Candidate for Tax Collector
Bryan Drew possesses true passion to run for election for the Town of Saratoga Tax Collector position and he has the knowledge and energy to serve everyone within the Town of Saratoga. Bryan was born in Glens Falls, NY; grew up in Malone, NY where he graduated from Franklin Academy in 2000 and returned to live in the Town of Saratoga in 2004. In 2012, he committed to actively serve in the U.S. Army from 2012-2015 and he continued inactive duty from 2015-2020.
Bryan began his political career being elected to serve as Village of Schuylerville Trustee beginning in 2017 and was reelected in 2021 for a second 4-year term. In addition, Bryan has served as a member of the Schuylerville-Victory Board of Water Management where he was appointed Chair in 2021 and he is the current Commander of the American Legion Post 278.
He has studied accounting and is looking to expand his duties to the Town level running for the office of Town Tax Collector.