Saratoga Democrats

Our ACTION Imperatives

Summary of Action Imperatives From Our Platform of Ideas & Initiatives

  • When you speak...WE WILL LISTEN e.g., modify the current 3 minute limit for Citizens to speak (increase to 5 or more) in Town meetings. Currently there are no limits on Developers/Vendors

  • Our Town Government's Mantra will be to Serve the People

  • Our Council Team will work for all of our Citizens--we will not be just a rubber-stamp Council for big money interests

  • Protect our water coastlines and wetlands .

  • Protect our Citizens' Quality of Life & Property Values

  • Build The Town of Saratoga Student Internship Program

  • Develop The Town of Saratoga Summer Recreation Program For Our Kids

  • When elected, we will pass resolutions requiring Town Board final authority over large developments and other high impact changes to our environment. The people elect our Town Board and that is the governing body that should have accountability for these critical decisions.

  • When elected, changes to our Comprehensive Plan, which affect zoning and land use, will only be ratified by you, the Citizens, upon a Town Referandum vote.

  • We believe that the lynchpins for economic growth in the Town of Saratoga are our villages: Schuylerville and Victory. We will create A Prosperity Task Force to develop specific plans of action for the Town to invest in our Villages.

  • Create new and invigorate current special events within the Town and Villages with high impact marketing campaigns to drive visitors (Shoppers!) to our parades, fairs, and celebrations all through the year

  • We will ensure that the Town Comprehensive Plan requires Town building and zoning regulations to reflect the threats posed by climate change and drive practices that protect all residents and properties from increased climate driven threats to our welfare.

  • When elected, we will reverse the Town Board resolution that denied the Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District the authority to regulate and protect Saratoga Lake across all four shoreline municipalities, (Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, Stillwater, and Malta). All three of our neighboring municipalities voted for this authority…our town passed a resolution “adamantly” opposing such authority.

  • We resolve to ban the use of pesticides and herbicides including glysophate, neonicotinoids and other noxious poisons on all municipal owned properties.

  • When elected, we will reduce "executive session" activity and discuss all appropriate issues in Public Session for all subjects that conform to the New York State Open Meeting statute.

  • We will build a comprehensive 'State of the Art' Town Website designed for easy use by our Citizens. The website will be efficiently managed and share all issues and events before the Town on a real-time basis.

  • We will build IT Systems to facilitate two way communication channels between the town and the community it serves.

  • When elected, the Council will establish a reporting routine at Town Council Meetings to ensure the Planning and Zoning Boards are keeping Councilors fully briefed on their activity and ensure Town laws and zoning regulations are being enforced.

  • You can expect to see tangible actions and results that have a positive impact on our average Town's Citizen's Life

  • We need to make the Community of our Saratoga Town Vibrant and Strong despite that we are "far-flung" with different needs in the west vs.the needs in the east. We recognize that the Town of Saratoga does have a "Center of Gravity" is our Village of Schuylerville. Let's take action to make the Capital of The Town of Saratoga Shine!