Saratoga Democrats

Protect Our Environment

  1. Our Environment

  • Climate Change, also known as Global Warming, is an existential threat to all of our citizens in the Town of Saratoga. We will champion all efforts to focus on Sustainable development and business practices in our Town .

  • We will ensure that the Town Comprehensive Plan requires Town building and zoning regulations to reflect the threats posed by climate change and drive practices that protect all residents and properties from increased climate driven threats to our welfare.

  • We resolve to ensure robust zoning regulations are in place to protect the integrity and the health of Saratoga Lake and the Hudson River as well as smaller streams and tributaries.

  • When elected, we will reverse the Town Board resolution that denied the Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District the authority to regulate and protect Saratoga Lake across all four shoreline municipalities, (Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, Stillwater, and Malta). All three of our neighboring municipalities voted for this authority…our town passed a resolution “adamantly” opposing such authority.

  • We are committed to protect our beautiful Open Spaces, Woodland Forests, and Wetlands from development and to ensuring our natural lands are healthy and sustain Nature and Wildlife.

  • We resolve to ban the use of pesticides and herbicides including glysophate, neonicotinoids and other noxious poisons on all municipal owned properties.

  • We resolve to revise municipal mowing practices on all rural Town roads to protect pollinator roadside habitat during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.

  • We resolve to create pollinator habitat on all municipal properties. We will create Town-wide citizen incentives to create incremental pollinator habitat zones on their respective properties.

  • We will join The National Wildlife Federation’s “Supervisor Pledge” to create pollinator protection zones, revise mowing practices, and build educational collateral to share critical information to sustain all wildlife.

  • We applaud the Village Of Schuylerville's adoption of the New York State Climate Smart Communities Pledge that we will work to implement in the Town of Saratoga. See

  • We will endeavor to bring a "Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Day" to sustainably manage this waste material and provide a convenient service to our Residents.

  • As a result of Town regulatory administrator's actions, out-of-town developers encroached on residents' property rights, property value, and quality of life concerns. Examples include:

  • --The illegal clear cut destruction of 40 acres of wild woodlands that was conserved in a proposed development “for the benefit of all citizens”. (This was the last large track of woods on the West Shore of Saratoga Lake).

  • --The approval of a multi-story new home on the Saratoga Lakeshore that obstructs the view and blocks the sun of their neighbors in violation of our Town zoning laws

  • --The clear-cutting of trees and clearing of vegetation on slopes overlooking neighbors resulting in contaminated wells, massive silt and soil run-off into neighbor properties in violation of Town law and zoning regulations

  • --The operations of business activities in areas that violate residential zoning regulations

  • --The proposed destruction of a 30 year neighborhood by eliminating their safe, quiet cul de sac road with a through road by an out of town developer that wants to save money as he proposes to build a housing development

  • These actions and more have resulted in a record number of lawsuits being brought against Town Government by our very own Citizens in 2020 and 2021. Our Tax-Payer Dollars are being spent to defend these poor decisions.