Saratoga Democrats

Our Platform

Positive, concrete actions to create a healthier Town of Saratoga

We have created a Platform of Ideas, Promised Actions and Service to set forth a vision for a Healthy, Vibrant and Beautiful Town of Saratoga for everyone. WE ARE ALL SARATOGIANS!

0. Fix Our Town Town Finances

Many of our neighbors are enjoying a surge in Property Values right now.  This is always a good thing. 

However, some homeowners have found themselves facing big changes in their environment or neighborhood that negatively impact your property values. 

When you speak...WE WILL LISTEN...WE WILL ACT

Climate Change, also known as Global Warming, is an existential threat to all of our citizens in the Town of Saratoga. We will champion all efforts to focus on Sustainable development and business practices in our Town.

Build The Town of Saratoga Student Internship Program

Internship programs are often critical for acceptance to many schools of higher education . These Internships also will provide "real-world" governing, research,  adminstrative and skill building experience. Our high school/college internship Program will create Value for both our students and our Town.  Projects could include:

We are  running for our respective Saratoga elected offices to build a healthy, thriving Community. To make this happen, we must build a stronger sense of 'Community' throughout the Town of Saratoga.

You Have A Bond With Your Town and You Feel Connected. A Saratogian.

We do not have a Community at the Town level. We have a collection of individual communities mostly defined by close borders:

It is a challenge to build a Community in our Town because we have so few Town-level institutions to connect us:

Healthy Communities exhibit these qualities:

When elected, we will take the lead in creating and fostering a Saratoga Town-wide Community. We promise to be a strong source of Leadership, Vision, Communication, and Action. 

As a result of current Town regulatory adminstrator's actions/inaction, out-of-town developers encroached on residents' property rights, property value, and quality of life concerns. Examples include:

These actions and more have resulted in a record number of lawsuits being brought against Town Government by our very own Citizens during the past 5-10 years. Our Tax-Payer Dollars are being spent to defend these poor decisions.