Saratoga Democrats

Our Saratoga Community

 Building Our Town of Saratoga Community

We are  running for our respective Saratoga  elected offices to build a healthy, thriving Community. To make this happen, we must build a stronger sense of 'Community' throughout the Town of Saratoga.

You Have A Bond With Your Town and You Feel Connected. A Saratogian...

We do not have a Community at the Town level. We have a collection of individual communities mostly defined by close borders:

—the Schuylerville Village Community

—the Victory Village Community

—the Quaker Springs Community

--the Grangerville Community

--And micro-communities of individual streets and neighbors

—We have no Saratoga Post Office. In fact we have no Saratoga home addresses. Our home addresses range from Schuylerville, Victory to Stillwater and Saratoga Springs. Some of our residents are not aware they live in the Town of Saratoga!

—We have no Saratoga (named) Fire Department (we love our Quaker Springs FD!!)

—We have no Saratoga Central School System. The Stillwater and Saratoga Springs School Districts serve many of our children. Schuylerville is our “Home-Town District”…but it is not our Town name-sake District and does not encompass all of our Town’s kids. 

We need to make the Community of our Saratoga Town Vibrant and Strong despite that we are "far-flung"  with different needs in the west vs.the needs in the east. We recognize that the Town of Saratoga does have a "Center of Gravity" is our Village of Schuylerville. Let's take action to make the Capital of The Town of Saratoga Shine!

Healthy Communities exhibit these qualities:

When elected, we will take the lead in creating and fostering a Saratoga Town-wide Community. We promise to be a strong source of Leadership, Vision, Communication, and Action. 

Our Platform of Ideas, Promised Actions and Service has been created to serve this vision for a Healthy, Vibrant and Beautiful Town of Saratoga for everyone. WE ARE ALL SARATOGIANS!